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software installs that make me smile

Here’s two today that cheered me up. I’m installing a lot of software for workshops that I’m going to in the next couple of weeks (causing a minor panic attack over my laptop possibly not running any of it – turns out to be false attack). I also installed a great little application to help me clean out my hard drive. Face it, 40 GB seemed like a generous amount in 2005 but somehow it ran out fast.

The first is from a visualization package that I’m using this weekend. I love it because – well, you can’t go wrong no matter what system you have! They accommodate just about everyone.

Screenshot of an installation menu.

Second, there is the truly awesome license agreement for OmniDiskSweeper, which I also really recommend. It discovered that in my Volumes directory there were 3GB of total nonsense left behind by one of my external hard drives. I haven’t used that one in a year – so that’s how long this has been clogging up my computer! That explains a lot. I know 40GB isn’t much space, but given that I don’t store much of anything on this laptop except for text documents and applications (my music and photos are all on other drives), it was a little suspicious that I couldn’t delete enough things to get even more than 2GB free. Now I have 8GB, thanks to Omni. Now check out their call for feedback on the license agreement:

OmniDiskSweeper License Agreement