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how to confuse amazon

Search forĀ The Culture of Collected Editions and, while the first result is the right book, check out the rest of your odd results! Here are a featured few. Click on the image for full effect.

Also, why is there no choice between 300px wide and 1024px wide for displaying this image with WordPress? All I want is 500px so you can read that “Command and Conquer” is on the list.

cat in the car!

On a light note…

I came out of the restaurant where some friends and I play trivia last night, to find…

a cat in my car!


This is possibly the best thing that has ever happened to me. It made my year, anyway.

(It’s not quite as mysterious as it seems: it turns out a stray cat wandered in through my open sunroof and then couldn’t get back out. But still. Not exactly the first thing you expect to find in your car.)