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I haven’t updated my state map in a while, but my drive to Nebraska this week to start my internship at CDRH inspired me to make a new one. Here I thought all this driving would add up to new states but I realized after I started making it that I just spent a really long time in Iowa. I’ve now driven through many more than half of the 50 states, yet because the un-visited are big, my map doesn’t quite satisfy my impression of having been to most of the country now. Clearly lacking are the mountain states and New England. I hope my time in Nebraska this summer lets me at least put Kansas and South Dakota on my map. Wouldn’t those be nice to see since I’m out here anyway? I think I’ll keep skipping Oklahoma, as their politics scare me more than any other state at the moment.

Only a few count as just visited (Oregon, California, Utah, Connecticut, Texas, and Florida – I flew to these states and someone else drove me around or I took public transit only). The reason I make this distinction is that as someone who has done enough long distance driving to qualify as an amateur trucker, I like to count “driven in/through” as really experiencing a place. I am such an American, aren’t I?

I have visited 32 states (64%).
Create your own visited map of The United States

I was going to make a map of provinces I’ve visited but realized that British Columbia and Ontario are going to make a pretty sad map, despite my large number of hours driven in Canada. (Ontario is really big.)

Countries visited, despite going out of the country a lot, has also not enlarged since I first made one 5 years ago. Because I am visiting Ireland this summer and, I hope, Sweden as a graduation present to myself, I’ll have to make one next year. If I go to China the map will look very impressive. Big countries, big states, they make it look like I’ve left so much out.

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