quick note: digital reading coverage in Eureka 8/10

Eureka, a monthly poetry and criticism publication in Japanese, has a theme of “reading digital materials” for the August 2010 issue. If you’re in a position to do so, I recommend picking it up. There are a lot of interesting perspectives in here. Not least is the fact that it specifies “reading materials,” not “books,” and that kind of take on digital reading vs. print reading isn’t something I see enough of in English-language coverage.

Not to mention that Japan is living proof that the magazine industry is not only not dead, but will never die – at least not here. I had to wade through literally hundreds of different magazines in a corner bookstore in Ueno station to find my copy of this one.

The info in Japanese is ユリイカ2010年8月号・特集「電子書籍を読む!」 (“let’s read digital stuff!”) If anyone has a more eloquent translation for 書籍 please leave it in the comments. I am coming up empty at the moment.

2 thoughts on “quick note: digital reading coverage in Eureka 8/10”

  1. Words like that always give me trouble. It seems so clear and obvious in the Japanese – 書籍 – why can’t we have a good easy word for that in English?

    (Rikaichan suggests “publications”, and maybe that’s not too bad. what do you think?)

  2. hmmmmmm… I dunno, I was looking for a kind of different nuance, I think. the physicality of 書籍 combined with 電子 is really interesting for me. “publications” could be born digital but it’s harder to imagine 書籍 being. I mean, in use up until now. not trying to imply it’s a dead word in any sense. then again, perhaps I’ve been buried in the 1890s for too long and need to come up for some digital air. 😉

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